Faculty Directory
It’s easy to connect with members of the Rider family. The Rider University Directory allows you to find contact information for faculty (full-time, emeriti, and priority adjunct). Search by name or browse, to obtain contact information.
Namesort icon Email Phone Number
Robert J. Congleton rcongleton@rider.edu 609-896-5248
Carol Comune mcomune@rider.edu 609-921-7104
Martha Collins 609-924-7416
Daria Cohen dcohen@rider.edu 609-895-5556
Craig Coenen ccoenen@rider.edu (609) 896-5378
Roberta Clipper (formerly Robbie Clipper Sethi) rclipper@rider.edu 609-895-5578
Ingrid Clarfield clarfield@rider.edu 609-921-7100, ext. 8290
Ileana Ciumac iciumac@rider.edu 609-921-7104
Mi-Hye Chyun chyun@rider.edu 609-921-7100 x8304
Lindsey Christiansen christiansen@rider.edu 609-921-7100, ext. 8302
Patrick James Chmel chmel@rider.edu 609-896-5186
Chih-Chieh Chiu cchiu@rider.edu 609-896-5229
Jenny Chiou ychiou@rider.edu 609-921-7104
F. William Chickering wchickering@rider.edu 609-896-5111
Katherine Miller Chen chenk@rider.edu 609-921-7104
Feng Chen fchen@rider.edu 609-895-5414
Tracey Richards Chebra tchebra@rider.edu 609-921-7104
Diana Charos-Reilly dcharos@rider.edu 609-921-7104
Linda Chang lchang@rider.edu 609-921-7104
Nandini Chandar nchandar@rider.edu 609-895-5506
Christine Chan chanc@rider.edu 609- 921-7104
Radha Chaganti chaganti@rider.edu 609-895-5529
Claudia Catania claudiamariacatania@gmail.com 917-453-0595 (cell)
James Castagnera castagne@rider.edu 609-896-5035
Heather Casey hcasey@rider.edu 609-895-5646
Laura Cascante lcascante@rider.edu 609-921-7104
Diane Casale-Giannola dgiannola@rider.edu 609-896-5078
Steven Carson scarson@rider.edu 609-896-5092
Anne Carroll carroll@rider.edu 609-896-5152
Michael Carlin mcarlin@rider.edu 609-895-5424