Professor of Graduate Education and Director of the Center for Reading and Writing

Areas of Expertise 

Assessment in Whole Language Classrooms and Clinics
Mainstreaming Children in the Classroom
Teaching Children to Read
Use of Writing to Improve Reading

Research Interests 

Metacognitive approaches to reading comprehension

The effectiveness of metacognitive approaches to literacy for the hard-to-teach

Professional Experience 

Professor Glazer has presented speeches and general sessions at conferences of 20,000 as well as professional development days in school districts in 49 states of the United Stated and 29 countries of the world. The organizations for which she has keynoted include the following: International Reading Association; Orton Dyslexia Society; National Council of Teachers of English; National Association for Young Children. In addition Dr. Glazer has spoken as keynote speaker at more than 250 local and state councils of the International Reading Association and has been keynote speaker at the following international conferences: Guatemalan Reading Association, Reading Association of Ireland, Argentine Reading Association, Venezuelan Reading Association, Nassau Reading Counsel, Brunei Reading Association, Norwegian Reading Council, and Finish Reading Association. Topics include: Strategic Instruction for the Hard-to-Teach, Self-Monitoring Tools for Reading and Writing, Practical Writing and Reading Strategies for The Struggling Learner.

Faculty Expert Topics