Professor of Biology and Behavioral Neuroscience

Areas of Expertise 
Extreme Environments
Molecular Biology
Research Interests 

Dr. Kelly Bidle's research interests revolve around understanding the adaptive strategies utilized by halophilic Archaea living under extreme environmental conditions of hypersalinity and high light intensity. She is particularly interested in elucidating the molecular, genetic, and biochemical mechanisms used by haloarchaea to thrive under adverse ecological conditions.

Professional Experience 

Dr. Bidle earned a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of Maryland. A research scientist and educator, Bidle has mentored more than 40 students in her research laboratory. She has extensive grant-writing experience and has served as a grant reviewer for the National Science Foundation and American Society for Microbiology since 2001. As the vice president of the Lawrence Township Education Foundation, she is a strong advocate of promoting scientific literacy among the general public. She is chair of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Travel Grant Program and coordinator of the Biology Department Freshman Fellowship. She also serves on the Biochemistry Steering Committee and Wyeth Scholarship Award Committee.

Faculty Expert Topics