Faculty: Mark Moliterno

Fees: TBD

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Classical Yoga is an ancient technology for personal discovery and growth. It is both a science and an art and as such, has many benefits for the singer. As a science, Yoga is a system for clear, unencumbered mind/body action. As an art, it provides a paradigm for authenticity in artistic expression.

Session I: YogaVoice® Intensive, considers the direct application of yoga to the lives and work of singers, conductors, pianists, and teachers.  It encourages individual self-discovery and authenticity in artistic expression through a unique synthesis of classical yoga technology and traditional bel canto vocal principles. Each day, participants will practice Yoga postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditative techniques that foster physical and mental freedom and artistic authenticity. The morning sessions will include a lecture/discussion on one aspect of the Eight-fold Path and it’s relevance to creativity and artistry, followed by group asana and pranayama practice. Sound and toning will also be incorporated in these practices. In the afternoon sessions, each participant will have the opportunity to sing in a Master Class setting in an effort to make direct application of the information gleaned from the daily work. Homework assignments may include light reading and/or personal reflection in preparation for the following day’s class discussion.

Session II: YogaVoice® Practicum, is a continuation of the work begun during the week 1 Intensive. Participants investigate pedagogical tools and explore a deeper philosophical rationale for understanding YogaVoice® as a holistic learning modality, as well as mentoring for teachers as they apply YogaVoice® in a teaching context. The practicum will be taught in a seminar structure. The instructor will blend lectures with group discussions and Yoga practices led by participants. The participants, in advance of the course, will be assigned preparatory reading and teaching goals. The instructor, who will also serve to mentor each participant individually during the week, will guide the hands-on teaching component.

Each session may be taken either for-credit or not-for-credit. Grading for the credit option will be accessed as follows:

  • 5 in-class performance practices (daily singing in the Master Class): 50%
  • Reading assignments and contribution to in-class teaching: 25%
  • Final paper on a topic agreed to by instructor and student: 25%

As this is an intensive course of instruction, all participants are expected to be punctual and present for all sessions. Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, as well as music to sing for the Master Class.

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