"I am so grateful for all of the information your books and the Conducting Technique Intensive workshop have given me. It has been an enormous gift and made and incredible difference in my conducting and my choir. Thank God for "Body Mapping". It has transformed my conducting and my confidence. What a wonderful feeling to have absolutely no fear or apprehension before a concert. By following all of the guidelines that you've set out, I know that both myself and my choir are extremely well prepared and excited to give a spontaneous musical experience."
-Conducting Intensive Participant

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June 20 - 24, 2016

James Jordan and Giselle Wyers

Conducting Technique Intensive: A Conducting “Boot Camp”

Taught by master teachers, the course is designed for in-depth exploration of what is at the root of a conductor’s gesture, and to give participants the tools to effect immediate change through expressive gesture in their ensembles. Using a new pedagogy developed by Dr. Jordan and detailed in his new book with Giselle Wyers and Meade Andrews, The Conductor’s Gesture, participants, regardless of experience, will learn new skills that will rebuild their conducting technique, or set the foundation for those new to conducting. In addition to the text, The Conductor’s Gesture, the class will use a new book by Dr. Jordan entitled The Conducting Etudes. (GIA, 2013). These etudes provide the materials for conductors at all levels to arrive quickly at expressive gesture at the highest levels.

Students are welcomed from all levels of conducting development; however, this course is a “boot camp” and moves at a fast pace.

  • Intensive study sessions arriving at what is necessary to prepare a conductor’s “insides” for teaching and conducting by James Jordan, author of The Musician’s Soul, The Musician’s Walk, The Musician’s Spirit and an new book, The Musician’s Trust. For conductors who have studied with Dr. Jordan, these sessions have been characterized as “energizing” and “affirming”
  • Re-mapping the body architecture for efficient and expressive movement
  • Daily sessions in Alexander Technique as applied to conducting
  • Daily Movement sessions aimed at expanding one’s conducting vocabulary
  • Intensive work on breath and its interaction with conducting
  • Intensive work and understanding of the application of the principles of Laban to conducting
  • Understanding of States and Drives within Laban that becomes not only a conducting aid, but a rehearsal technique
  • Musical analysis applied directly to conducting technique
  • This class may be taken separately or in conjunction with any of the conducting courses offered in the summer sessions
  • Sessions focusing on the use of the breath as an expressive and communicative tool

$825 non-credit/$1415 with 2 graduate credits

Required Texts:

The Conductor’s Gesture; James Jordan, Meade Andrews and Giselle Wyers; GIA

The Musician’s Breath; James Jordan, Nova Thomas and Mark Moliterno; GIA The Musician’s Soul; James Jordan; GIA

Etudes for Conductors. James Jordan. Chicago: GIA (This publication is currently in development and will be available for purchase soon)

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