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June 25 - July 1, 2017


Our esteemed colleague Gary will be on “sabbatical” from the Conducting Institute doing a major recording project.  While we will miss him this year, we are pleased to announce the appointment of GRAMMY-nominated conductor of the renowned choral ensemble THE CROSSING and Director of Choral Activities at Northwestern University to our faculty!  We are excited to welcome him into the Conducting Institute faculty in our 15th year!

The acclaimed Westminster Conducting Institute is one of the leading programs for the training of conductor's in the world. In one extended week of intensive study, participants are able to experience in one location eight of the world's most renowned conductors who share their artistry and experience with participants. Coupled with its new sister program, The Choral Music Institute at Oxford, conductors at all levels of expertise can sharpen their pedagogical and conducting skills under the tutelage of the world's greatest teachers.  Led by James Jordan, this remarkable and diverse faculty bring their vast expertise that have led the choral profession both in America and Europe for the past four decades.

Techniques taught in the Institute are applicable to all ages and performance level choirs. The Institute also introduces conductors to new choral literature brought to the Institute by each of the conducting faculty.


  • James Jordan, Director
  • Marilyn Shenenberger, Coordinator and Principal Accompianist

Distinquished Choral Faculty

Conducting Institute faculty 2014

Audition Piece 2016

Salvator mundi (pdf)
Participants may elect not to audition and will then be placed in the beginning class.

Literature for Study

Each faculty member selects 2-3 works to present to the Institute.  A major work is examined and studied by all participants. All literature will be available through the Westminster Music and Books for order for study before the Institute. Piano/Vocal Scores of the Durufle Requiem will be available from the Westminster Performance Collection.

Led by author/accompanist and Dalcroze specialist Marilyn Shenenberger, each small conducting class taught by the Institute faculty has an accompanist that has collaborated with one or more of Westminster's renowned choirs.

Daily Schedule Components

Each day begins with a group vocal technique warm-up and lecture by Sabine Horstmann. Professor Horstmann was a student of the legendary Frauke Haasemann. Students attending the Institute gain valuable pedagogical insights and materials for use with their choirs in these sessions.  Professor Horstmann has been with the Westminster Conducting Institute for ALL of its 16 year history. Participants during the week will learn in detail the techniques and philosophy in her acclaimed book and DVD, Choral Vocal Technique (GIA)

Daily conducting classes in small groups with the Institute faculty. (Note:  Participants may request to study with a specific member of the faculty-Placement dependent upon the approval of the Institute Director on the first evening of the course.  Participant requests honored whenever possible

Masterclasses in Practical Rehearsing by Simon Carrington focusing on editions specially created for the Institute members.  Institute members serve as his choir as he demonstrates rehearsal techniques that have become associated with his approach to teaching and performance.

Conductor Predictive Audiation-James Jordan will share the latest practical applications to conductor listening skills that greatly effect choral ensemble performance.

Study of Plainchant and its uses as a music literacy teaching tool for choirs at all levels by James Jordan detailing how an understanding of how a knowledge of plainchant informs all choral performance, no matter the work.  Issues of phrasing , breath, and ensemble singing will be discussed.

Evening lectures on score analysis, and their topics by the Institute faculty

Masterclasses in Conducting-In addition to intensive small group study with the world-renowned faculty, all students conduct and receive comments and video feedback in final masterclasses.

Please note: This course includes evening hours. A complete schedule will be sent to participants.  Participants should organize their travel plans accordingly.

    Daily class schedule (Monday - Friday) is 8:30am - 8:30pm
    First day of Institute: Sunday class is 3:30pm – 9:30pm
    Saturday class is 8:30am - 1pm

In addition to the above, each participant is assigned (based upon experience) to a daily conducting class with the Institute faculty. Students are asked to conduct a portion of work on the first evening of the Institute in order to be placed in the appropriate section. Students also conduct in master class situations where they are critiqued by choral faculty other than their class teacher.  Participants must bring a scandisk of sufficient size to record both their conducting classes and the final masterclasses. Participants can take the Institute for credit or noncredit. Conductors who register for credit are entitled to a longer critiqued masterclass. Non-credit participants conduct for masterclasses for a shorter amount of time for written comments only. For non-credit persons, masterclass conducting is optional.  Credit participants must conduct in the Institute masterclasses and complete a written project during the Institute.


$825 non-credit/$1710 with 3 graduate credits

2016 Repertoire (2017 Repertoire will be added as soon as it is available)

  • Mass in G — Franz Schubert
  • Abide — Dan Forrest
  • Almighty and everlasting God — Orlando Gibbons
  • Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt — Heinrich Schütz
  • As there are flowers — Colin Britt
  • Ave Maria (op. 27 no. 2) — Michael Waldenby
  • The Canticle of Brother Sun — Grayston Ives
  • Dieu, qu'il fait bon regarder — Claude Debussy
  • Don't Be Afraid — arr. Jennifer McMillan
  • Good Night, Dear Heart — Dan Forrest
  • Missa Brevis — Robin Nelson
  • I wish you peace — Nicole Dieker
  • Ich bin die Auferstehung — Albert Becker
  • No More Sorrow — Will Todd
  • O du stille Zeit — Simon Wawer
  • O Magnum Mysterium — Dale Warland
  • Prayer for Peace — Kurt Knecht
  • The Same Stream — Thomas LaVoy
  • So fahr ich hin zu Jesu Christ — Heinrich Schütz
  • Sure on this shining night — Samuel Barber
  • Veni sponsa Christi — G.P. Palestrina
  • Walking on the Green Grass — Michael Hennigan
  • The Weaver — Jacob Narverud
  • When I Survey the Wondrous Cross — arr. Gilbert Martin

All repertoire will be available from Westminster Music and Books

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