Date: January 28, 2012
Title: YogaVoice: Uniting Mind and Body through the Breath in Singing
Discipline: Voice
Teacher: Mark Moliterno

This session is a perfect complement to the Balancing the Physical Instrument Seminar. Breath is the energetic link between the mind and the body. As such, a study of the role of breath as energy in music-making is both informative and empowering. This seminar will discuss the Classical Yoga view of breath and how it may be related to the creative gesture in singing to help reach deeper levels of artistic authenticity. Participants will practice physical Yoga postures, breathing exercises, and vocal methods that will promote awareness and freedom of the breath as well as its connection to the interpretive levels of the mind and emotions. Recommended for anyone interested in the body/mind connection and how it relates to the performing arts and especially for anyone who has read The Musician’s Breath or has viewed The Musician’s Breath DVD Companion (published by GIA: James Jordan, Mark Moliterno, and Nova Thomas). Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, as well as music to sing for the afternoon Master Class.