Date:  Week 5: July 18-22 (mornings only)
Title:  Kodály Renewal – ONLINE
Discipline:  Music Education
Teacher(s):  Frank Abrahams, Ilona Gall-Groh, Katalin Hrascheck, Ildiko Szegedi
Fees:  $50 per day or $150 full week (non-credit)

An extraordinary opportunity to renew your connection to Kodály methodology and to observe and interact with teachers at the Kodály Institute in Keckemét, Hungary! Participants will connect online from their personal computers at home or office to watch teachers in Hungary work with children using the concepts and strategies of the Kodály method. Demonstration lessons will be taught in English. Participants may choose to participate in individual daily sessions or all five sessions throughout the week.

Since its opening in 1975, the Kodály Institute has conducted graduate courses, summer seminars, special short courses and conferences for music pedagogues, choral conductors and musicologists — preserving and disseminating the theoretical and practical aspects of the educational philosophy of Zoltán Kodály.

This fully online course will have two mornings streamed from Princeton, NJ and three mornings streamed from the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, Hungary. All courses from Hungary will be conducted in English.

From Princeton, New Jersey, USA – July 18th 
The Kodály Concept with Ideas from Critical Pedagogy with Dr. Frank Abrahams

From Kecskemét, Hungary – July 19th
Demonstration of the Hungarian "Ringato" program with Ms. Ilona Gall-Groh; "Take your child and sing together – chanting with lap-child and knee-child"

July 20th
Demonstration lesson: Grade 6 with Ms. Katalin Hrascheck

July 21st
Demonstration lesson: Grade 5 with Ms. Ildiko Szegedi

From Princeton, New Jersey, USA – July 22nd
Putting It All Together with Dr. Frank Abrahams

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