2016 Repertoire
Conductors are given works to prepare and conduct based on both personal request and by assignment.  Registrants should check back this spring for the 2016 repertoire list and other listings of textbooks needed for the Institute.

Required Texts and Scores
Conductors, Conducting Associates, and auditors should have Evoking Sound (Second Edition) by James Jordan in their possession in Oxford. Text can be obtained from GIAMUSIC.com or Westminster Music and Books. Information on obtaining scores will be communicated at a later date. Conductors and Conducting Associates, and all auditors need access to the entire repertoire throughout the Institute.

2015 Repertoire
Bernstein, Chichester Psalms
Bruckner, Os Justi
Durufle, Tantum ergo
Forrest, Entreat me not to leave you
LaVoy, Lux aeterna
Matthews, Sine paenitentia
Mendelssohn, Denn er hat seinen Engeln
O’Regan, Fleeting, God
Pärt, Salve Regina
Paulus, The Road Home
Poulenc, Salve Regina
Smith, The stars shine
Stanford, Beati quorum via
Waldenby, Corona vitae
Whitbourn, Crown my heart
Whitbourn, Missa Carolae
Whitbourn, Video Caelos Apertos