Private Lesson Instruction

Music study at Westminster Conservatory presents a unique opportunity for students of all ages and stages of musicianship to achieve musical and personal growth. At Westminster, you will find a full faculty of professional musicians who teach voice, strings, guitar, brass, woodwinds, piano, and percussion. All teachers hold advanced degrees and/or certificates in music. A biographical sketch of each teacher is available at

Our teachers inspire students in a collaborative environment that nurtures their passion for music. They lead them through a journey of musical theory, literature, and compositions both past and present. Students come away with an unforgettable, life-affirming experience that builds confidence and self-esteem.

Families with prospective students under the minimum age listed in each section may request an interview (30-minute maximum) if they would like to be considered for private instruction. Families will be asked to complete a registration form and pay an interview fee of $30 before the interview. Upon acceptance of a student under the suggested minimum age, the registration fee and tuition deposit will be due before the student can be placed with a teacher.

Private Lesson Tuition

Private lesson tuition (based on seniority) – 34-week academic year:

  • 30-minute lesson - $37.75 or $41 each
  • 45-minute lesson - $53 or $56.25 each
  • 60-minute lesson - $67.25 or $72.50 each

Intern faculty private lesson tuition (intern faculty) – 24-week academic year (piano only):

  • 30-minute lesson - $30 each
  • 45-minute lesson - $42 each
  • 60-minute lesson - $53 each

Intern faculty are graduate piano pedagogy students at Westminster Choir College who are planning teaching careers. Lessons may be affected by the academic calendar of Westminster Choir College and are subject to time changes mid-year.