Admission as a Freshman
Audition: A satisfactory audition must be completed before a student is accepted into this major. Audition requirements may be found in the college view book or on our Web site.

General Requirements
B.F.A.–Musical Theatre majors must earn a minimum grade of “B-” each semester in the primary applied music field in order to make satisfactory progress. If a grade of “C+” or lower is earned, the student must repeat the semester.

Students must meet attendance and performance requirements in studio performance classes and Musical Theatre Lab.

Applied Music – Voice Primary Study
Students in the B.F.A.-Musical Theatre degree must register for applied music in each semester of study, to a maximum of eight semesters. Six terms are taken under MUS-168A (2-credit, 1-hour lesson) and two semesters are taken under MUS-168B (1-credit, half-hour lesson). The section number corresponds to the instructor with whom the student will study.

Musical Theatre Lab
All majors are required to attend a weekly musical theatre lab during every semester of enrollment. The lab supplements curricular instruction with presentations by guest artists, managers, agents, and casting directors. This interface provides each student with an opportunity for interaction with some of the most important professionals in the musical theatre business.

Performing Opportunities at Rider University
The musical theatre program offers three fully staged productions led by faculty and experienced and notable directors, conductors and choreographers from the professional community. The Theatre and Dance Department also offers a well-established theatre program that provides additional performing opportunities in three major productions. Majors also are encouraged to participate in student-directed and produced events, presented each year on both campuses.  The Voice Department at the Princeton campus offers two Opera Theater productions each year.  Both are open by audition to all Rider University students except freshmen. Consult the Musical Theatre Handbook for the Audition Policy.

School of Fine and Performing Arts
General Education Requirements
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Applied Music

MUS-168A Applied Voice (2-credits) 12
MUS-168B Applied Voice (1-credit) 2
MTR-132 Group Piano 1

Theory, History, Technology


MTR-120 History of American Musical Theatre 3
MTR-131 Music Theory For Musical Theatre 3
MTR-133 Sight Singing 3
THE-105 Theatre History to 1700 3
THE-106 Theatre History Since 1700 3
THE-115 Stagecraft 3

General Electives
Discipline-specific minor or 2nd major encouraged.


Professional Studies 36
Dance Requirements 9
Must take three ballet courses 
MTR-109 Ballet I 1
MTR-110 Ballet II 1
MTR-210 Ballet III 1
MTR-211 Ballet IV 1
MTR-212 Ballet V  1
Must take two tap courses
MTR-209 Tap Dance I 1
MTR-210 Tap Dance II 1
Must take two jazz courses
MTR-309 Jazz Dance I 1
MTR-310 Jazz Dance II 1
MTR-311 Jazz Dance III 1
MTR-312 Jazz Dance IV 1
Must take two capstone dance courses
MTR-415 Musical Theatre Dance I 1
MTR-416 Musical Theatre Dance II 1
Acting Requirements 18
THE-107 Acting I: Introduction to Acting 3
THE-110 Acting II: Scene Study 3
THE-208 Acting III 3
THE-209 Acting IV 3
MTR-317 Auditions: Preparation and Techniques 3
MTR-335 Speech for the Actor 3
Music Theatre Requirements 19
MTR-105 Musical Theatre Practicum 2
MTR-111 Musical Theatre Lab (8 semesters) 0
MTR-215 Musical Theatre Performance: Song 3
MTR-218 Musical Theatre Scene Study I 3
MTR-219 Musical Theatre Scene Study II 3
MTR-255 Musical Theatre Repertoire I 3
MTR-256 Musical Theatre Repertoire II   3
MTR-493 Musical Theatre Production 1
Musical Theatre Production – Tech
Theatre Production – Tech