The Dance Minor requires 20 credits.  



Survey of Dance History

History of Ballet, Modern and Jazz Dance 
DAN-190 Fundamentals of Music Theory Through Dalcroze Eurythmics 3
  Eight semester hours of dance from the Princeton Ballet School 8

Art and Theatre History
One coures from the following:

ART-104, 106 Survey of Art History I, II  
ART-201 Medieval and Renaissance Art  
ART-207 Art of the Ancient World  
ART-209 Art of the Baroque  
ART-214 American Art  
ART-303 19th Century Art  
ART-306 Art of the 20th Century  
ART-495 Selected Topics in Art History  
THE-105 Theatre History to 1700  
THE-106 Theatre History since 1700  
THE-306 American Theatre History  
THE-307 Contemporary American Theatre  
THE-308 Modern Drama  
THE-495 Selected Topics in Theatre History  
Music History
One course from the following:
MUS-105, 106 Survey of Music History I, II  
MUS-205 History of Pop and Rock:  Part I - Orgins to the 1970s  
MUS-206 History of Pop and Rock:  Part II - The 1970s to Today  
MUS-207 Masterworks in Music  
MUS-208 Music of the Theatre  
MUS-209 Great Composers  
MUS-300 Beethoven and the Romantic Age  
MUS-303 Music Literature:  Baroque Era  
MUS-304 Music of the Beatles  
MUS-306 Contemporary Musical Experience  
MUS-309 Film Music