The Arts Administration Minor requires 18 credits.  Any Rider University student may choose to pursue the Arts Administration Minor.  Interested students should declare the Arts Administration Minor by completing a form available in the Department Office.

Arts Administration Minor
Required Courses


Introduction to Arts Management1
Introduction to Business

AAD-202 Communications and Marketing in the Arts2 3
AAD-203 Arts Fundraising2 3
Choose one of the following:3
ENG-321 Workplace Writing:  Business and Professional Contexts 3
ENG-322 Workplace Writing:  Grant Proposals, Fundraising and Development 3
COM-107 Writing for the Media 3

Electives must be chosen from the list of elective courses found in the Arts Administration Major section of the catalog.


Important Notes:

  1. A student who chooses to take both AAD-121 and CBA-110 may count the credits for the second course toward electives in this minor.
  2. Satisfactory completion of AAD-121 or CBA-110 and of all English Composition requirements of a student's college is a prerequisite for AAD-202 and AAD-203.
  3. A student who chooses to take two of the three writing courses may count the second course toward this minor.
  4. An internship must be undertaken in an arts organization venue in order to count toward this minor.  While it may be arranged for three or more credits, a minimum of three internship credits may be counted towards electives.