What Our High School Students Say About Summer at Westminster
Vocal Institute 2012 students

I ended feeling like I have grown so much in just two weeks, and I'm amazed and grateful for this chance to experience this camp." 

"This camp strengthens a person as both a musician and person.  It makes me want to be better and to inspire others to do the same." 

"This camp rocks.  Doors have been opened so much for me.  Thank you." 

Solo Vocal Artists 2012 students

"My favorite part of this experience is the talent I was exposed to; getting to meet them and build relationships."

"I had a really positive experience here, and a great time.  I not only feel like a better singer, but also a better performer.  There is an obvious friendly atmosphere at Westminster, and a willingness to help one improve."

Composition Week Camp 2012 students

"The professors were awesome!"

"I learned how to expand my works throughout the course of the piece."

"Learning different composers and different styles.  The professors were awesome!"


High School Music Theatre Workshop 2012 students

"I really learned a lot, and feel like I am a lot more prepared for college.  I now know this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.  Thank you, so much!" 

"I learned so much that I probably wouldn't have back in Puerto Rico.  As I enter my senior year ready to audition for colleges, I will remember the great tips and advice the staff here gave to make me a better performer." 

Solo Pianist 2012 student

"It has been an absolutely fantastic time.  Hearing each other play was probably the 'spark' moment for me - it made me realize how wonderful music is!" 

Organ Institute 2012 students

"I really liked the balance between singing and organ, and the unity of musicians." 

"This was an awesome experience for me.  I truly enjoyed these two weeks.  Thank you."

Piano Camp 2012 student

"Piano Camp was fun, and I improved so much in only five days; thank you!"