Florence Voice Seminar

Where Artistry Excels.
Join us in May 2014 for our 14th season! 

A three-week study opportunity for quality vocal instruction in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - this program is designed for advanced students and young professional singers.   

  • Study with Benita Valente, Sally Wolf, Kevin Langan and Amy Zorn among other distinguished faculty
  • Special Master Classes, Past guest clinicians have included internationally known conductors, James Conlon and Marco Balderi
  • Italian language study in recitative classes with Piergiorgio Del Nunzio

"The Florence Voice Seminar was wonderful!!! It was a great opportunity to get an intense vocal training in a beautiful, positive and relaxed atmosphere ...  A few weeks in Florence gave me homework that lasted all year!!!

- Disella Larusdottier, soprano, Metropolitan Opera Audition Winner  


"Today the Westminster Florence Voice Seminar paid for itself. I had a 30 minute dramtic coaching wth Martha Collins (the soprano in Moonstruck) and she changed my world.  I will never sing "Donde lieta" the same again. I broke down in tears when I finally understood the sacrifice Mimi was making."
- Mary Claire Curran, 2014 Florence Voice Seminar student

 Program Schedule

  • Deadline Extended to March 1, 2014 (audition via DVD or YouTube) 
  • May 19 - June 10, 2014 (three weeks) Florence Voice Seminar; Florence, Italy
  • Plan to arrive in Florence on Monday, May 19 in time for evening Orientation Meeting
  • Two final concerts occur June 7 and 8
  • Depart June 10 or stay on for sightseeing

Registration is now open for 2014's program

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Who should attend the Florence Voice Seminar?

  • University students looking for a quality summer program that combines daily voice lessons with regular vocal coachings, master classes, and dramatic coachings with an unbeatable location. 
  • Professional singers seeking to refine or improve technique, presentation, musicality and audition skills.
  • Younger singers studying privately who seek more feedback, and direction in determining the next step in their career.
  • All singers willing to work hard toward improvement.  

About Us
Developed by the Westminster Office of Continuing Education in 2001, the Florence Voice Seminar provides a quality summer vocal study experience for advanced students and young professional singers.  The program allows for great vocal progress for the university voice student or a time to polish and refresh the technique and artistry of a young singer already singing professionally.

Program Highlights
Our philosophy is to work together to enable the singer to make maximum progress, including daily consultations among the faculty and a common point of view about vocal technique and presentation.  Because our program is designed to maximize each participant's progress, we ensure that each singer receives a private lesson or private coaching daily.  There are musical coachings, focusing on phrasing, diction, and interpretation, as well as dramatic coachings to explore the techniques of successfully presenting your aria or ensemble. 

Italian language study in recitative classes with Piergiorgio Del Nunzio.

Students participate in two public concerts at the conclusion of the seminar.

Friendship and camaraderie is further aided by our realization that each singer is at a different stage in his or her development and our only goal is vocal progress. 

Download 2014 Florence Voice Seminar Flyer (.pdf)

Occasional group meals, weekend trips and group cultural tours further our objective to enrich each participant's experience in Florence.  Students are also encouraged to explore Florence on their own.

Repertoire & Ensembles

What repertoire do students need?

  • Participants admitted to the program should bring four or five arias/songs to work on.  Two should be close to performance-ready and others can be new repertoire you are exploring.
  • Being in Italy, we concentrate on Italian repertoire, but not exclusively. 
  • Bring at least one piece with an Italian recitative (Mozart, Donizetti, Bellini, Rossini).

There will be ensembles from opera and oratorio for those who express an interest. Those participating in an ensemble must arrive in Florence with their parts completely memorized (off-book) so that we can work on interpretation and staging. Coachings for ensembles will be in addition to the individual coachings for your solo repertoire.