Voice Primary Track

Bachelor of Music in Music Theater: Voice Primary Track (123 credits)

CR-501University Chorale (4 terms, 1 credit each)
 Ensemble (2 terms, 1 credit each) *1 2
Applied Music and Diction 20
MUS-168/368Voice Primary (7 terms, 2 credits each) 14
 Piano Secondary (4 terms, 1 credit each) *2 4
VC-115English & Italian Diction 2
Theory and Music History 33 Credits

Theory I

MUS-110LTheory I Lab 1
MUS-111Theory II 3
MUS-111LTheory II Lab 1
MUS-210Theory III 3
MUS-211Theory IV 3
MUS-105Music History I 3
MUS-106Music History II 3
MTR-120History of American Musical Theater 3
Professional Studies: DANCE
MTR-109/110Ballet I, II (1 credit each) 2
MTR-211/212Ballet III, IV (1 credit each) 2
Broadway Styles I, II (1 credit each) 2
Choose one of these sequences 
MTR-313/314Ballet V, VI (1 credit each) 2
Tap Dance I, II (1 credit each) 2
MTR-309/310Jazz Dance I, II (1 credit each) 2
Professional Studies: ACTING18
Introduction to Acting 3
MTR-216Acting-Music Theater Major I 3
MTR-217Acting-Music Theater Major II 3
MTR-317Auditions: Preparation & Techniques 3
MTR-335Speech for the Actor 3
MTR-492Singing Actor: Music Theater 3
Professional Studies: MUSIC THEATER15
Music Theater Lab (8 semesters) 0
MTR-251Genres and Styles I3
MTR-252Genres and Styles II 3
MTR-253Genres and Styles III 3
MTR-493Music Theater Production *32
MTR-493TMusic Theater Production *31
MTR-496Workshop in Music Theater3
School of Fine and Performing Arts General Education Requirements *4 33

Additional Requirements
Sophomore Review
Level I, II Voice Juries
Senior Voice Recital


  1. Please see the Music Theater Director for a list of approved elective ensembles.
  2. Students completing fewer than four (4) semesters of secondary applied music study must make up the credits in free electives in order to meet the minimum number of 123 credits for graduation.
  3. Students must appear once in a stage role (MTR-493, 2 cr.) and once in a backstage or technical role (MTR-493T, 1 cr.). MTR-493 cannot count simultaneously as both the ensemble requirement and the requirement to participate in a music theater production.
  4. Arts and Sciences course choices will be made available each year, following the guidelines of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  5. Completion of French, German, Italian, or Latin II is required. Students exempted from one or more semesters of foreign language study must replace the missing credits with other Arts & Sciences electives.