BA in Dance Performance

Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance (120 semester hours)

Required Dance Courses 

47 credits

DAN 105Survey of Dance History 3
DAN 180History of Movement Theory 3
DAN 190Fundamentals of Music Theory Through Dalcroze Eurythmics
DAN 220History of Choreography 3
DAN 350History of Ballet, Modern & Jazz Dance3
DAN 450Dance Pedagogy and Methodology3
DAN 498Senior Capstone3
THE 107Acting I3
 Ballet (14 Courses; 5 Credits Each)7
 World Dance.5
 Modern Dance (2 Terms; .5 Credits Each)1
 Choreography or Improvisation (2 Semesters, any combination1
 Studio Electives (.5 Credits Each)4
Jazz or Hip-hop (2 Semesters, any combination)1
 One history course from Art, Music or Theater3
DAN 111Dance Lab (7 Semesters)0
DAN-210Rider Dances (5 Semesters)5

General Education Courses


Free Electives