Music Theatre Minor Curriculum

The Music Theatre Minor requires 21 credits. The Music Theatre Minor is open to all undergraduates by audition1.  Students accepted into the program must declare the minor by completing a form available in the Department Office.

Musical Theatre Minor
Required Courses



Acting I
Acting I 

MTR-120History of the American Music Theatre3
MTR-109Ballet I1
One additional dance course: Ballet, Tap or Jazz1
VC-103Voice Secondary (2 Semesters, 1 Credit Each)22
Music Theory34

A minimum of 7 credits must be chosen from the following courses:

MTR-216Acting for the MT Major I3
MTR-251Genres and Styles I3
MTR-252Genres and Styles II3
MTR-253Genres and Styles III3
MTR-335Speech for the Actor3
MTR-493Music Theatre Production2
MTR-493TMusic Theatre Production (tech)1
MTR-511Music Theatre Ensemble41
THE-110Acting II3
THE-127Theatre Production1
THE-217Principles of Stage Design3
THE-218Stage Lighting3
THE-410Advanced Performance Workshop3

Important Notes:

  1. Enrollment in the Minor is limited to no more than 12 students during any academic year.  Students may not audition for the Music Theatre minor until they have earned a minimum of 12 credits at Rider University.  The audition for the Minor will require: 
    1. 32-bar cut of an up-tempo song from the music theatre repertoire
    2. 32-bar cut of a ballad from a music theatre repertorire
    3. one-minute monologue (from a full-length play)
  2. Students in majors requiring voice primary study will substitute two semesters of elective private voice study for VC-103.  An additional fee is required for elective private voice study.
  3. Princeton campus students must complete TH-141:  Musicianship. Lawrenceville campus students must complete MUS-110: Music Theory I and MUS-110L: Music Theory Lab.
  4. Acceptance into MTR-511 is by audition.
  5. Some elective courses have prerequisites:  Please see catalog course descriptions for details.
  6. Some courses will be offered only on the Lawrenceville campus.