The Rider University School of Education is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The NCATE standards emphasize systematic assessment of your learning and promote increased accountability.

In an effort to meet assessment standards, Rider University works with TaskStream, an online e-portfolio system to function as an assessment tool. It enables you to create your personal portfolio with your resume, project artifacts, video and audio files, and other important professional documents. It also provides a way for teacher candidates, professors, supervisors, and host/cooperating teachers to connect with each other to share feedback to improve your practice.

Using TaskStream, you create your own personal portfolio with your resume, project artifacts, video and audio files, and other important professional documents all in one dynamic website which you maintain throughout your career. In fact, many teachers use this portfolio as they interview for jobs. They update their sites as they go for tenure and maintain them as they grow as professionals. TaskStream enables collaboration between you, your professors, supervisors, and host/cooperating teachers. Together you all connect on-line to share feedback to improve your practice

All students in teacher education, educational leadership, and school counseling programs are required to purchase TaskStream accounts. Accounts may be purchased at the Rider University Bookstore (1-year and 4-year subscriptions are available).

Activate Your TaskStream Account

Rider School of Education students should purchase their TaskStream accounts at the Rider bookstore. This account is a "textbook" for all education students during their tenure at the School of Education at Rider and is required for the completion of key assessment necessary for certification.

Students receiving financial aid assistance can use their bookstore vouchers to buy their TaskStream subscriptions. For more information, contact the bookstore, attention Joe Judge at X7292 or the School of Education, attention Suzanne Carbonaro, X5409.

When you purchase your subscription, you will receive a one-time activation code. Visit the TaskStream website to activate your account. For full instructions, download the Activation Instructions (pdf).

You will be prompted to enter your TaskStream Program Code. Please refer to the chart below or download the Program Code document (pdf).

Program Name


Bachelor of Music in Music Education/MAT NASM BMMEMATNASM
Bachelor of Music NASM BMNASM
Counseling CCACREP
Early Childhood NAEYC ECNAEYC
Ed Leadership ELCC ELELCC
English as a Second Language Certification TESOL ESLCTESOL
GLTP Elementary Education ACEI GLTPEEACEI
GLTP English as a Second Language TESOL GLTPESLTESOL
GLTP Secondary Ed Social Studies NCSS GLTPSESSNCSS
GLTP Secondary Ed World Languages ACTFL GLTPSEWLACTFL
Master in Special Ed CEC MSECEC
Master of Music Education NASM MMENASM
Master of Music in Music Education NASM MMMENASM
Reading IRA RIRA
School Psychology NASP SPNASP
Secondary Ed English NCTE SEENCTE
Secondary Ed Math NCTM SEMNCTM
Secondary Ed Science NSTA SESNSTA
Secondary Ed Social Studies NCSS SESSNCSS
Secondary Ed World Languages ACTFL SEWLACTFL
Special Ed Certification CEC SECCEC
Teacher Education Elementary Ed ACEI TEEEACEI