The MAT degree program offers practicing teachers the opportunity to acquire, enrich, and expand their professional knowledge so that they will become effective agents for positive change in their classrooms and schools. This 30-credit program, designed for Rider University graduates, is highly individualized allowing candidates to tailor their own courses of study that blend curriculum, instruction, and pedagogical content knowledge. Secondary and elementary teachers will feel equally at home with the flexibility that the MAT program affords in selecting electives.


Course Sequence

Required courses (9 semester hours)

Research and Data-Based Decision-Making in Schools
Research in Music Education

Curriculum Development and Change
Curriculum Development and Evaluation

Curriculum and Instructional Improvement
History and Philosophy of Music Education
Elective courses (21 semester hours)
GLTP-500  Conceptual Frameworks for Teaching and Learning
GLTP-502 Curriculum and Instruction in Reading/Language Arts: Early Literacy
GLTP-503 Curriculum and Instruction in Reading/Language Arts: Literacy and Learning in Content Area
GLTP-504  Teaching English Language Arts in Secondary Schools
GLTP-505 Teaching Social Studies in Secondary Schools
GLTP-506 Teaching Science in Secondary Schools
GLTP-507 Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools
GLTP-510  Curriculum and Teaching Elementary School: Mathematics
GLTP-515  Curriculum Teaching Elementary School: Science, Social Studies and the Arts
GLTP-520  Curriculum in Teaching in Middle/Secondary Schools
EDUC-521 Teaching a Second Language
BSED-530  Emerging Instructional Strategies in Business Education
EDAD-505*  Supervision for Improved Instruction and Learning
EDAD-510* Seminar and Practicum in Supervision
CURR-537  Early Childhood Curriculum Models and Methods
CURR-548  Curriculum and Instruction for Diverse Learners
CURR-535 Theory and Practice of Bilingual Education
MATG-551 Place Value Instruction: Navigating the Decimal Point
MATG-552  Curricular and Instructional Design for Fraction Understanding
MATG-559 Development of Mathematical Thinking
SPED-513 Positive Behavior Support
SPED-523 Inclusive Educational Practice
SPED-535  Instructional Practices for Students with Severe Disabilities
SPED-539  Instructional Practices for Students with Mild Disabilities
SPED-540  Collaboration, Consultation, and the Inclusive Classroom
EDPS-503 Human Growth and Development
EDPS-507 Advanced Educational Psychology
EDPS-508 Cognitive Processes and Learning
EDPS-512 Psychology of Exceptionality
EDSO-510 Sociological and Cultural Foundations of Education
EDUC-515 Issues in American School and Society
READ-501  Psychology and Pedagogy of the Reading/Language Process
READ-505 Supervision for Improved Instruction and Learning
READ-508 Reading and the Bilingual/Bicultural Child
READ-510  Foundations of Linguistics and Psycholinguistics
READ-511 Children’s Literature
READ-512 Adolescent Literature
BM/MAT students must take (21 semester hours)
ME-581 Elementary Praxis
ME-582 Secondary Praxis
ME-723 Psychology for Music Teachers

Choral Music 5-12
Choir Training for Young Singers
ME-693 Seminar in Music Education
  1 elective graduate course from Westminster Choir College
  1 elective from the elective courses list above.

*If both EDAD-505 and 510 are completed, the candidate is eligible for the Certificate in Supervision.