This track is aimed at preparing students to be successful, strategic and impactful professionals who are able to work effectively through others. 

The program offers insight into:

  • human and organizational relationships; 
  • enhances the capacity for sound analytical judgment; and 
  • encourages the ability to see the "big picture" as it relates to an organization and its environment.  

Coursework focuses on applied action grounded in theory, and embraces principles applicable to administrative issues in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. 

The courses enable students to enhance their knowledge and skills in the areas of:

  • recruitment, 
  • leadership development, 
  • group dynamics, 
  • organizational change, 
  • management of conflict, 
  • succession planning, 
  • training and 
  • adult learning theory.

Paths to completion

As a Concentration or Graduate Certificate   As a Masters
Four core courses (12 credit hours):
  Seven core courses (21 credit hours):
LEAD510 must be taken prior to enrolling in Developing People and Organizations concentration courses.  Take 4 courses from the following list:   LEAD500 Intro. to Organizational Leadership
LEAD511 Facilitating Culture and Process Change in Organizations   LEAD510 Organizational Communication
LEAD512 Forms of Diversity in Organizations   LEAD530 Individual & Group Processes in Organizations
LEAD513 Media and Technology in Organizations   LEAD540 Strategic & Financial Decision-Making in Organizations
LEAD531 Developing the Human Side of Organizations   LEAD550 Organizational Research
LEAD532 Program Design for Training and Development   LEAD560 Legal and Ethical Issues in Organizations
LEAD533 Conflict and Crisis Resolution in Organizations   LEAD598 Project Seminar in Organizational Leadership (Taken in last semester of study)
LEAD534 Team Effectiveness and Creativity      
Plus one elective (3 credit hours):   Plus one elective (3 credit hours if required):
Elective is selected with permission of the program advisor.   May come from list above.   LEAD570 Guided Field Experience in Organizational Leadership
LEAD512 Forms of Diversity      
LEAD513 Media & Technology in Organizations      
LEAD533 Conflict Resolution in Organizations      
Core Courses in Organizational Leadership