Group I—Core Courses—Required (21–24 credits)
All students complete seven core courses listed below. In addition, LEAD-570: Guided Field Experience in Organizational Leadership is required of all students who do not have at least one year of full-time work experience.
LEAD-500 Introduction to Organizational Leadership
LEAD-510 Organizational Communication
LEAD-530 Individual and Group Processes in Organizations
LEAD-540 Strategic and Financial Decision-Making in Organizations
LEAD-550 Organizational Research
LEAD-560 Legal and Ethical Issues in Organizations
LEAD-570 Guided Field Experience in Organizational Leadership
LEAD-598 Project Seminar in Organizational Leadership

Group II—Concentration Courses (12 credits)
Students will be expected to meet the requirements for any one of the following concentrations:
Leadership in Information and Technology
Leadership in Higher Education
Leadership in Counseling-Related Services
Developing People and Organizations

Group III—Electives (3 credits)
Students will choose one elective course with advisor approval. Students may choose from a variety of graduate courses in business, arts and education as well as organizational leadership.