Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts, Education, and Sciences (CLAES).  From the first day I set foot in the College, I knew I had made the right decision to become its Dean.  I hope that you will find the programs we offer as exciting and excellent as I do.  You may choose from more than 27 undergraduate majors and 30 minors in 14 departments.  We also offer 7 master’s degree and 2 educational degree programs.  With more than 2,269 students, CLAES is the largest of the four colleges at Rider University.

We train students to think logically and to reason; we provide a sense of what is ethical, and an appreciation of the aesthetic; we evaluate the new through the scientific method, while emphasizing history’s lessons; we equip students to manage information and to work cooperatively; and, we prepare students for professional careers in education.  We understand that teaching is a reflective process of dialogue, observation, deliberation and assessment.  The result:  our graduates become leaders in a myriad of disciplines.

At CLAES, we aim to develop the hearts, the minds, and the souls of Rider University students.  Our faculty have prestigious academic credentials, coupled with an intense desire to improve education.  Ninety-four percent of them hold doctoral degrees, and they come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of academic experiences.  Our faculty are renowned as outstanding educators and they invest their time and energy in assuring a quality experience for students at Rider.  They particularly emphasize connected learning, as we bridge the traditional disciplines with innovative and creative majors and minors.

Studies through the College of Liberal Arts, Education, and Sciences provide students with a foundation of knowledge and the tools to seek and acquire more.  Our flexible curricula prepare students not merely for a job, but for whatever life has in store — graduate school, law school, medical school, or a really great career right out of the gate.  Our coursework teaches students to think clearly and prepares them for jobs that may not yet exist.  Flexibility is, as we know, the key to the future.  If you are flexible and can adapt, you will be ready for anything.  Simply said, a Rider University liberal arts education gives students options.

In addition to the extensive offerings we provide in the classroom, we also understand that learning beyond the classroom is an essential component of preparation for the future.  We encourage and make available to students participation in internships, service learning, research opportunities, and in University leadership initiatives.

The excitement and energy of CLAES can be physically felt.  Visit the campus, visit the College, and consider the impact of a Rider education on your future.  Make Rider your destination of choice.  We look forward to seeing you!  And please do feel free to stop by the Dean's office if you have any questions.  I would be most pleased to meet with you.

Patricia Mosto, Ph.D.

Patricia Mosto
Dean College of Liberal Arts, Education and Sciences
Fine Arts 207C