Dr. Daniel Druckenbrod
Program Director
Associate Professor of Environmental Science
Office: SCI-323F
Phone: (609) 895-5422
Email: ddruckenbrod@rider.edu
Dr. Michael Brogan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Office: FA-254
Phone: (609) 895-5739
Email: mbrogan@rider.edu
Pat Dawson
Associate Professor- Science Librarian
Office: Moore Library 331
Phone: (609) 896-5114
Email: pdawson@rider.edu
Dr. Cara DiYanni
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Office: SCI-322A
Phone: (609) 896-7761
Email: cdiyanni@rider.edu
Dr. Julie Drawbridge
Professor of Biology
Office: SCI-338C
Phone: (609) 895-5428
Email: drawbridge@rider.edu
  Charles Frantz
Adjunct Professor
Office: Westminster Choir College
Email: cfrantz@rider.edu
Dr. Matthew Boyd Goldie
Professor of English
Office: Fine Arts 336
Phone: (609) 895-5586
Fax: (609) 896-5212
Email: mgoldie@rider.edu
Dr. Brooke Hunter
Associate Professor History
Office: SCI-324A
Phone: (609) 896-5378
Email: bhunter@rider.edu
Dr. Laura Hyatt
Assistant Dean for Sciences
Associate Professor of Biology
Office: SCI-324
Phone: (609) 895-5419
Email: lhyatt@rider.edu
Danielle Jacobs
Assistant Professor II of Chemistry and Physics
Office: SCI-336F
Phone: (609) 895-5667
Email: djacobs@rider.edu
Paul Jivoff
Associate Professor of Biology
Office: SCI-339A
Phone: (609) 895-5421
Email: pjivoff@rider.edu
Dr. Jonathan Millen
Associate Dean for the Liberal Arts
Office: FA-207B
Phone: (609) 895-5789
Fax: (609) 895-5670
Email: millen@rider.edu
Tan Miller
Director, Global Supply Chain Management Program
Office: SWG-377
Phone: (609) 895-5517
Email: tmiller@rider.edu
  Dr. Howard Rees
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Email: rees@rider.edu
  Dr. Barry Truchil
Associate Professor, Sociology, American Studies, Law & Justice, BHP
Office: FA 248
Phone: (609) 895-5467
Email: truchil@rider.edu
  Nancy Weber
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry and Physics
Email: nweber@rider.edu
  Dr. Jonathan Yavelow
Professor of Biology
Office: SCI-338E
Phone: (609) 896-5093
Email: yavelow@rider.edu