Allison Weidhaas
Assistant Professor
Fine Arts 225
Pamela  Brown
Professor and Chair of Communication and Journalism
Fine Arts 232

B.A., Rider; M.A., Ohio; Ph.D., Iowa

Dr. Brown, who has professional experience in journalism and public relations, teaches writing, reporting, public relations, law and ethics. Her research is on 20th-century journalism history, the African-American press, and the law of cyberspace.

David Dewberry
Assistant Professor of Communication
Fine Arts 226
Bosah  Ebo
Professor of Communication; Director of Multicultural Program
Fine Arts 216

B.S., M.A., Wisconsin; Ph.D., Iowa

Dr. Ebo teaches communication ethics, public relations and international communication. His research interests also include popular culture and media images of Africa. He edited the books Cyberghetto or Cybertopia: Race, Class and Gender on the Internet and Cyberimperialism: Global Relations in the New Electronic Frontier.

Sheena Howard
Assistant Professor of Communication
Fine Arts 222
Barry  Janes
Professor of Communication
Fine Arts 220

B.A., M.A., Rutgers; Ph.D., New York University

Dr. Janes works and teaches electronic media theory, programming and technology. He has been a producer, director and/or writer of more than 100 video productions, and has advised numerous corporations, non-profit organizations and municipalities. Dr. Janes’ research interests include Broadcast Programming and History, and, most recently, the effective use of computer-based asynchronous technologies in the classroom.

Aaron Moore
Associate Professor of Journalism; Director of Internship Program
Fine Arts 227

B.A., LaSalle University; M.A., Ph.D., Temple

Dr. Moore teaches public relations and event planning. Professionally, he serves as a communication consultant. Dr. Moore's research interests include media ownership, sports journalism and gambling trends. Dr. Moore has written for The Philadelphia Inquirer and Los Angeles Times. A frequent contributor to Basketball Times magazine and the, Dr. Moore is also the creator of The Columbia Journalism Review's database on media ownership.

Nancy Wiencek
Assistant Professor
Fine Arts 236
Yun  Xia
Professor of Communication
Fine Arts 238

B.A., M.A., Sichuan University; Ph.D., Southern Illinois

Dr. Xia is our resident multimedia specialist with expertise in the area of graphic communication in print and digital media. His research focuses on computer-mediated communication, semiotic analysis of the Internet, and human-computer interface design.

Jessi Franko
Assistant to the MABC
Fine Arts 241