Earth and Environmental Sciences Minor Requirements

Note: The Earth and Environmental Sciences minor is not open to Environmental Sciences or Geosciences majors.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the following requirements for the Earth and Environmental Sciences Minor may be satisfied by taking similar coursework through Rider Approved Study Abroad Programs. Please contact your academic advisor, the GEMS department chair, and/or Rider's Center for International Education (CIE) for further information.


Geosciences (20 Credits)
  ENV-100 Introduction to Environmental Sciences 4
  GEO-100 Earth Systems Science 3
  GEO-102 Earth Materials and Processes Lab 1
  GEO-350 Soils and Surficial Processes 4
  GEO-407 Hydrology and Water Resources 4
  MAR-210 Marine Life Through Time 4

Elective (3-4 Credits) Select one course from the following:
  ENV-200 Statistical and Computer Applications in the Natural Sciences 4
  ENV-205 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 3
  ENV-220 Weather and Climate Change 3
  ENV-375 Environmental Biogeochemistry 3
  GEO-168 Mesozoic Ruling Reptiles 3
  GEO-201 Elements of Mineralogy4
  GEO-306 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy 4


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