Course of Studies

The Thomas Jefferson University Transfer Curriculum

The following curriculum is designed for student wishing to transfer to Thomas Jefferson University prior to completing the requirements for a Rider University Bachelors of Science degree. If a student wishes to obtain the B.S. degree from Rider University prior to transfer, he/she must also fulfill the requirements for that degree program (including College of Liberal Arts and Sciences core requirements) as outlined in the Academic Catalog. For transfer to an allied health program other than Thomas Jefferson's College of Healthy Professions, students must contact specific programs for curricular guidelines.

Specific tracks (physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, etc.) within the Allied Health program require different courses. The following table lists the Rider courses which satisfy the TJU College of Health Professions course requirements. Other pages describe the course requirements for each specialty as outlined by Thomas Jefferson University, along iwth the suggested schedule of Rider courses which fulfill those requirements. For information about the courses as offered by rider, please consult the online undergraduate catalog.

TJU-CHP requirements Credits Rider Equivalent Courses Course number
Anatomy & Physiology 4-8 Human A&P I, with lab
Human A&P II, with lab
BIO 221
BIO 222
Biology, General 4-8 Principles of Biology I & lab
Principles of Biology II & lab
Biological Sciences 4-18 No restrictions
Biochemistry 3 Biochemistry and lab BCH-325 & 326
Chemistry, General 8 Principles of Chemistry & lab
Intro to Chem Systems & lab
CHE-120 & 121
CHE-122 & 123
Chemistry, Organic 4 Organic Chemistry I & lab CHE 211 & 213
Natural Sciences 4-16 No restrictions
Nutrition 3 Not available
Physics 4-8 Principles of Physics & lab
General Physics I & lab
General Physics II & lab
Mathematics, College 3 Algegra & Trigonometry MTH-105
Statistics 3 Intro to Applied Stats
Stats & Experimentation
English, Composition I 3 Expository Writing/Fresh Writing CMP-120, -125
English, Composition II 3 Literature & Composition CMP-203
English, Elective 3-6 No restrictions
Humanities No restrictions
Selective, cultural 3 Anthro: Cross Cult. Persp.
Racial & Ethnic Relations
Social & Cultural Change
Psychology, Introductory 3 Intro to Psychology PSY-100
Psychology, Abnormal 3 Abnormal Psychology PSY-220
Psychology, Developmental 3 Dev. Psy- Child
Dev. Psy- Youth/Adolesc.
Psychology, Electives 3-6 No restrictions
Social Sciences No restrictions
Sociology, Introductory 3 The Sociological Imagination SOC-101
Sociology, Elective 3 No restrictions

Disclaimer:  The course information provided above is from the 2014-2015 Academic Catalog and is updated annually as new editions are released.  Prior editions of the catalog are also available online.  The catalog under which the student enters serves as the official record of admission, academic, and graduation requirements.  It is the student’s individual responsibility to be aware of the current graduation requirements for his or her particular degree program.  While the University makes reasonable efforts to keep website material current and correct, this information is subject to the University's academic policy committees, relevant accreditation organizations, and (in some instances) state and federal laws and regulations.