Supervisor of Instruction

Supervisor Certification Program for New Jersey

This program is designed for experienced and fully-certified teachers and other related instructional personnel to gain the necessary skills and professional knowledge to become supervisors in a school system. It is a coherent program that develops the reflective capacities of students to perform a wide range of supervisory functions in accord with recognized professional standards, best practices and values. Students should note that the recommended course sequence set by Rider University has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Education for the New Jersey supervisor’s certificate and meets the four course requirements established by the Department: a course in the general principles of staff supervision (N–12); two courses in general principles of curriculum development (N–12); and a practicum in supervision where students will be expected to complete a mentored internship in a school or appropriate work setting as a requirement of the culminating course in the sequence.

Admission to the Program

Prospective students must meet the following requirements to be admitted to the program 1) a standard New Jersey instructional certificate or educational services certificate or its out-of-state equivalent; 2) complete three years of successful, full-time teaching experience under the appropriate certificate; 3) a master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university; 4) present recommendations from two educational leaders, with whom you are currently working, e.g., one’s department chair, supervisor, principal, and/or superintendent; and 5) an interview with the program coordinator.

Course Requirements

Curriculum Development Requirements (6 semester hours)
CURR-531Strategies for Curriculum Development & Innovative Change
CURR-538Assessment of Curriculum & Instruction to Improve the Performance of Teachers & Diverse Learners
Staff Supervision Course Requirement (3 semester hours)
EDAD-505Curriculum Supervisor/Teacher Leadership for Improved Instruction & Student Learning
Supervision Practicum Requirement
EDAD-591Seminar and Practicum in Supervision (fall semester only)

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