School Business Administrator Certification Program

School Business Administrator Certification Program (School Business Administrator certificate)

This program is designed for candidates who aspire to a leadership position has a school business administrator. Candidates for the certification program have completed a master’s degree in an area of study other than educational administration. The framework for the program has been established to meet preparatory requirements as established in the New Jersey Administrative Code (6A:9-12.7), as well as the challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities inherent in educational leadership as a school business administrator.

Candidates are expected to have completed state required coursework (undergraduate or graduate) in economics and accounting prior to acceptance into the certification program. A “conditional acceptance” into the certification sequence can be given, requiring applicants without the two courses to complete them before beginning the third course in the seven-course certification sequence. An internship experience begins with and is documented from the first course. The field-based experiences under the supervision of a mentor helps translate leadership theory into practice for the candidate. Candidates will complete a year-long “Capstone School Improvement/Change Project” in EDAD-591-592.

Required Courses in the Certificate Sequence
EDAD-501Educational Leadership and Organizational Theory
EDAD-507Education and the Law
EDAD-508Leadership in School Business Administration
EDAD-509School Fiscal Management and Accounting
EDAD-512School Facility Planning and Development
EDAD-591Seminar/Practicum in Educational Leadership (fall)
EDAD-592Seminar/Practicum in Educational Leadership (spring)

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