Faculty and Staff

Boris Vilic
Chairperson, Sociology Department
Dean, College of Continuing Studies
Office: Bart Luedeke Center - Suite 31
Phone: 609-896-5033
Fax: 609-896-5261
Email: sociology@rider.edu
Richard Butsch
Professor of Sociology, American Studies, and Film & Media Studies
Office: Fine Arts 279
Phone: 609-895-5450
Email: butsch@rider.edu
  Dr. Ava Baron
Director, Law & Justice Program
Professor of Sociology, Law & Justice, Gender & Sexuality Studies, BHP
Office: Fine Arts 250
Phone: (609) 895-5462
Email: ajbaron@rider.edu
  Dr. James M. Dickinson
Professor of Sociology
Office: Fine Arts 283
Phone: (609) 895-5464
Email: dickinson@rider.edu
Dr. Jeffrey R. Halpern
AAUP, Local Chapter, Chief Grievance Officer
Associate Professor of Sociology
Office: Fine Arts 252
Phone: (609) 895-5451
Email: halpern@rider.edu
  Dr. Prakash C. Sharma
Professor of Sociology
Office: Fine Arts 254
Phone: (609) 895-5465
Email: psharma@rider.edu
 Victor Thompson
Assistant Professor II, Sociology, and Law & Justice
Office: Fine Arts 281
Phone: (609) 895-5463
Email: vthompson@rider.edu
  Dr. Barry Elliot Truchil
Associate Professor, Sociology, American Studies, Law & Justice, BHP
Office: Fine Arts 279
Phone: (609) 895-5467
Email: truchil@rider.edu
Janani Umamaheswar
Assistant Professor I
Office: Fine Arts 265
Email: jumamaheswa@rider.edu
  Cristina Orlando
Administrative Assistant
Office: Fine Arts 279
Phone: 609-896-5179
Email: sociology@rider.edu