Major Requirements

Requirements for the Major (40-49 semester hours)

PSY-100Introduction to Psychology
PSY-105Introduction to Research in Psychology
PSY-201Statistics and Research Design
Upper Division Methods Courses
One course from the following:
PSY-302Research Methods: Cognition with Lab 
PSY-303Research Methods: Social Psychology with Lab 
PSY-335Research Methods: Human Cognitive Neuroscience with Lab 
PSY-336Research Methods: Animal Learning and Behavior with Lab 
PSY-340Research Methods: Group Dynamics with Lab 
PSY-350Research Methods: Developmental Psychology with Lab 
Lower Level
Four courses from at least three different areas:
PSY-210Organizational Psychology 
PSY-279Psychology and Law 
Adjustment and Psychopathology
PSY-220Abnormal Psychology 
Personality and Social
PSY-218Psychology of Women 
PSY-240Social Psychology 
Human Development
PSY-230Child Development 
PSY-231Youth and Adolescent Development 
PSY-225Learning and Memory 
PSY-237Cognitive Disabilities 
Biological Foundations
PSY-238Sensation and Perception 
Upper Level
Four courses from the following:
PSY-305Theories of Psychotherapy 
PSY-312Behavior Modification 
PSY-315Psychological Tests 
PSY-325Cognitive Development 
PSY-330Developmental Disabilities 
PSY-333Autism Spectrum Disorders 
PSY-345Health Psychology 
PSY-365Drugs and Human Behavior 
PSY-372States of Consciousness 
PSY-374Psychology of the Family 
PSY-375Psychology and Film 
PSY-377Developmental Psychopathology 
PSY-381The Psychology of Gender 
PSY-382Aging, Brain and Cognition 
Capstone Experience
Choose one capstone experience from the following:
Applied Experience
EDU-465Student Teaching and Seminar 
PSY-491Internship in Psychology 
Foundations of Psychology
PSY-400Senior Seminar in Psychology 
PSY-420History of Psychology 
PSY-490Independent Research and Study 
PSY-295Directed Study in Psychology 

*Does not satisfy requirements for the major.

Note: A grade of “C” or better is required in each Psychology course in order for the course to be counted toward the major.

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