Major Requirements

Requirements for the Political Science Major (42 semester hours)

Political Science
POL-100Introduction to American Politics*
POL-102Understanding Politics*
POL-202The Political System: Theories and Themes
 One course from each of the following five subfields:
Political Theory
POL-239Political Thinkers and Political Thought 
POL-340Modern Democracy and Its Critics 
POL-342Freedom and Authority 
POL-343American Political Thought I 
American Politics
POL-235Race and Ethnicity in American Politics 
POL-305Political Parties and Electoral Behavior 
POL-312Congressional Politics 
POL-313The American Presidency 
Law and Public Policy
POL-300U.S. Constitutional Law 
POL-301Civil Liberties in the United States 
POL-325Public Administration 
POL-326Power in American Politics 
Comparative Politics
POL-216Comparative Political Systems 
POL-320Politics of the Middle East 
POL-365Third World Politics 
POL-366Communist Systems: Politics and Policies 
International Relations
POL-215Global Politics 
POL-225Nationalism in World Politics 
POL-321International Law 
POL-371The Arab-Israeli Conflict 
 Five political science electives, four of which must be at the 300 or 400 level
POL-450Seminar in Political Science3

*Must be taken in the freshman year.

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