Gary A. Carskaddan History Prize

Rider Bookstore gift certificate for the purchase of books awarded to the History or Education/History major who, with 12-21 credits in history courses at the end of the previous semester, had the highest cumulative grade point average in history courses. Gary A. Carskaddan is a 1985 Rider graduate who has generously funded the history prize since 1990. He is currently Assistant Dean/Director of Residence and Off-Campus Life at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA.

2013Nasser Zayer2014Eric Faeder
2012Michael Musso2013Karryne MacLean
2011Chelsea Stebbins2012Jordyn Horning
2010Heather Conway and Jennifer Sorensen2011Anthony Maddaluno
2009Lauren Runza2010Marie Gill
2008Robert Fisher2009Greg Ferrara
2007Christie DeCarolis2008Kyle Battaglia
2006Dan Feingold2007Joshua Asson, William Coughlin, and Elaine Harland
2005Kim van Heygen2006Jenna Reycraft
2004Lada Pastushak2005Teresa Gibbs
2003Heather Horowitz2004Staci Pinelli
2002Charles Evans2003Timothy Kozlowski
2001Kristen Hendrickson2002Matthew Thornton
2000Irene C. Weber2001Christine Carbone
1999Adam X. Storm2000Meredith McWilliams
1998Andrea Torano1999Joshua Crome
1997Kathleen M. Adamow1998Abigail Smith
1996Lara Frizzell1997Joseph C. Jungerman
1995Kirk W. Dahlberg1996Paige Wittenburg
1994Christy D'Antonio1995David Fuchs
1993Sandra Nazzaro1994Joanne Dienes
1992Sean Burns1993Judith Hunt
1991Christine Young1992Richard Torres
1990Kevin Brady1991Kerry Mairone
  1990Amy Zwolak