Global Studies

An Odyssey is a long voyage—an individual spiritual wandering or quest…

You sense it everywhere—from the career you choose, to the food you eat, to the music you enjoy, to the vast range of ethnic backgrounds among students you encounter in your classrooms. Regardless of your nationality, race, religion, or age, you are a citizen of the world. A global perspective opens for you a limitless horizon of opportunities.

But success comes to the prepared mind. The best education is a journey that returns you home with a clearer understanding of where you have been and where you began.

We invite you to join this intellectual odyssey by becoming a Global Studies major at Rider University.


This major is special because it offers you:

  • The freedom to create your own course of study, combining courses from Education to Political Science, from Anthropology to Economics, from Communications to Foreign Languages—all based upon your professional interests and needs;
  • Unique insights into international events through open discussions with faculty and your fellow students;
  • Opportunities for Study Abroad in a variety of countries, for credit in your major;
  • International and domestic internships with global significance; and
  • The chance to videoconference with fellow students in the Middle East, to learn about their educational systems, lives, and hopes, to help promote understanding.

Global Studies gives you the tools and skills you need to thrive in our global society, a new way of viewing the world, and access to internships, globally and in the United States.

But what can I do with this major? Our past students have

  • Gone on to graduate programs in international studies at Boston University, Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the School of Diplomacy at Seton Hall University;
  • Worked for the United Nations as part of a Peace and Reconciliation tribunal in Tanzania;
  • Worked for a relief program for women in Ghana before joining the Peace Corps to go to Mauritania; and
  • Served as a military officer in Iraq.

As you can see, as a Global Studies major, the world is open to you. And there’s more—in all areas, from education to business to law, employers seek out employees with global literacy—a special knowledge and skill for approaching the world that you will gain as a Global Studies major.

We cordially invite you to participate in this adventure.

For more information, contact Dr. Frank Rusciano, 896-5264, or email at