French Major

Requirements for the French Major (24 semester hours beyond French IV and 12 semester hours in collateral liberal arts courses)

FRE-305An Introduction to French Literature
Seven courses from the following: 21
FRE-300French Composition and Translation 
FRE-301French for Business and the Professions 
FRE-311French Culture 
FRE-320French Phonetics and Conversation 
FRE-422Cultural Expression in French Film and Television 
FRE-425The Portrait of the Hero in French Fiction 
FRE-430Mask and Reality in French Theater 
FRE-435The Self in French Prose and Poetry 
FRE-440A Quest for Identity: Francophone 
Literature and Culture
FRE-490Independent Research and Study 
FRE-496Special Studies 
Liberal Arts
Choose one option:
Option I
Two courses from the following:
LIT-250Masterworks of Western Literature I 
LIT-251Masterworks of Western Literature II 
LIT-390The Bible as Literature 
 Two additional courses in another foreign language. 
Option II

Masterworks of Western Literature I
Masterworks of Western Literature II
 Three additional courses in another foreign language. 

Some of the requirements may be met by Study Abroad. Students are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester abroad.

All majors are expected to take at least one French course per semester in the senior year.

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