Featured Students and Alumni

Heather Chojnacki (Spanish major and LAC minor) was named one of the 10 best SiS Student Ambassadors in the United States by the Trade Commission of the Embassy of Spain. Heather was invited to receive one of the “Student Ambassador of the Year” awards at the Embassy ceremony in New York in May 2010.

Jennifer Rosenbloom (French and Spanish double major and LAC minor) is publishing a book in Argentina. Jennifer's research project involves the composition, editing, printing and marketing of this book about childrens’ lives in impoverished areas of Argentina, which she compiled with these children during her fall 2009 study abroad program.

Sylvia Saad (Spanish minor) successfully completed her BHP thesis on International Management and Language/ International Marketing and Culture in Spain.

Rebecca Lynch (German major) was accepted into the University of Colorado at Boulder German Masters degree program. She will be teaching German for the University as a Teaching Assistant also.

Stacey Favocci (French Major) was accepted into the Graduate Program for French Studies at the University of Connecticut. Stacey was given a full Fellowship and the option to spend the second year in Paris as an assistant to the Residence Director of the UConn Study Abroad program.