English Literature Minor Requirements

Requirements for the Minor with a Concentration in Literature (21 semester hours)

Gateway Courses
Methods of Literary Analysis3
ENG-250Literary History I3
ENG-251Literary History II3
Literature I Courses
One course from the following (no more than two in one century):
ENG-331Medieval Literature 
ENG-33316th-Century Literature 
ENG-33517th-Century Literature 
ENG-340Restoration and 18th-Century Literature 
ENG-345Romantic Literature, 1780–1830 
ENG-411History of the English Language 
Literature II Courses
One course from the following:
ENG-346Victorian Literature, 1830–1900 
ENG-34720th-Century British Literature 
ENG-348Contemporary British Literature 
ENG-35119th-Century American Literature 
ENG-35220th-Century American Literature 
ENG-353Contemporary American Literature 
Genre/Writing Courses
One course from the following:
ENG-206Introduction to Creative Writing 
ENG-303Creative Writing: Poetry 
ENG-304Creative Writing: Fiction 
ENG-305Creative Writing: Nonfiction 
ENG-311Creative Writing: Playwriting 
ENG-315Topics in Specialized Writing 
ENG-316Theories of Writing and Tutoring 
ENG-317Electronic Writer’s Workshop 
ENG-321Workplace Writing: Business and Professional Contexts 
Workplace Writing: Grant Proposals, Fundraising and Development 
ENG-323Workplace Writing: Reviewing and Publishing 
ENG-324Workplace Writing: Online Contexts 
ENG-336Grammar and Style 
ENG-362The Novel 
ENG-363The Drama 
ENG-364The Poem 
ENG-365Short Fiction 
ENG-381Studies in Film Genre 
ENG-384Film Adaptation 
ENG-405Advanced Prose Style 
Seminar Courses
One course from the following:
ENG-425Seminar in Shakespeare 
ENG-435Seminar in Milton 
ENG-441Seminar in American Literature 
ENG-443Seminar in Literary Modernism 
ENG-445Seminar in Black and Multi-Ethnic Literature 
ENG-447Global Literature 
ENG-455Seminar in Chaucer 

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