Core Curriculum Requirements

The core curriculum is designed to provide an integrated approach to the study of the liberal arts. The curriculum examines a single theme from a variety of perspectives, emphasizing the relationships of knowledge and values and respect for different points of view.

The core applies to all students matriculated in the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences. It is expected that the core curriculum requirements will be completed by the end of the sophomore year. Courses taken as part of the core cannot be used to fulfill requirements of a major or a minor unless a department permits it.

Core Curriculum Requirements (42-43 semester hours)

English writing*


CMP-115Introduction to Expository Writing 3
CMP 120

BHP 100
Expository Writing
Honors Seminar: Great Ideas I

CMP 125

CMP 203


Research Writing
Literature and Composition
Honors Seminar: Great Ideas II

* CMP-115 will be waived for students who attain a 530 or above on the writing section and 500 or above on the critical reading section of the SAT or a score of 4 or above on the English Department placement test.
 Reading** (0–2 Supplemental Education Units) 
CRC 101SIntroduction to Academic Reading 

** Required only of those students who do not pass the reading placement test.


 Foreign Language*** 6
100/101Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, or Spanish I, II  
 *** Students who place at the 200-level or above are still expected to take a minimum of 3 credits at the level of placement.
Students who are native speakers of other languages may have their requirement waived upon documentation of proficiency. To initiate a request for a waiver, students should see the chairperson of the foreign language department.
One course from the following:

MTH 102

Elements of Finite Mathematics

MTH 105

Algebra and Trigonometry

MTH 210

Calculus I

Two courses from the following:

BIO 100

Life Science: Human Emphasis

BIO 101

Life Science: Cell Biology and Genetics Emphasis

BIO 103

Life Science: Ecobotanical Emphasis

BIO 106

Life Science: Human Disease Emphasis

BIO 108

Life Science: The Biology of Human Aging

BNS 107

Life Science: Behavioral Neuroscience

CHE 100

Introduction to College Chemistry

CHE 115

Chemistry and Contemporary Society

GEO 100

Earth Systems Sciences

GEO 113

Environmental Geology


Mesozoic Ruling Reptiles

MAR 120


MAR 2xx

Introduction to Field Marine Sciences

PHY 103

Science of Light and Color

PHY 104

Energy, the Environment, and Man

PHY 180Astronomy 
PSY 100Introduction to Psychology 
† Appropriate mathematics and science courses may be substituted if required by the major.
Social Sciences and Communication
Two courses from the following:

POL 100

POL 101

Introduction to American Politics
Understanding Politics

SOC 101

The Sociological Imagination

SOC 110

Cultural Anthropology

COM 105

Mass Media Communication

ECO 200

ECO 201

Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics

History 6
HIS 150World History to 1500  
HIS 151World History since 1500  
Humanities 9

One course in fine arts, one course in literature, and one course in philosophy from the following:

Fine Arts

ART 104

Survey of Art History I

ART 106

Survey of Art History II

ART 120

Art and Society

MUS 105

Survey of Music History I

MUS 106

Survey of Music History II

MUS 120

Music and Society

THE 105

Theatre History to 1700

THE 106

Theatre History since 1700

THE 120

Theatre Appreciation


The Arts in Contemporary Civilization

ENG 205

Understanding Literature


Arthurian Legends in Literature

ENG 210

Major American Authors

ENG 211

Major British Authors

ENG 213

Literature and Mythology


Monsters in Literature

ENG 215

Satire and Comedy

ENG 217

Introduction to Shakespeare


Literature and Violence

ENG 220

Literature and Society

ENG 221

Literature and Psychology

ENG 228

Black American Literature

ENG 229

Multi-Ethnic Literature in America

ENG 230

Women in Literature

ENG 270

Major Poets

ENG 290

The Short Story

LAW 204

Law, Literature and Film in America

LIT 250/251

Masterworks of World Literature I/II

LIT 310

Russian Literature from 988-1850

LIT 311

Russian Literature from 1850-1917

LIT 312

20th Century Russian Literature

LIT 313

Contemporary Russian Literature

LIT 315


LIT 317



German Literature and Film in English Translation

LIT-325The Folktale 
LIT-340Hispanic Literature and Film in English Translation 
LIT-350French and Francophone Literature and Film in Translation 
LIT-370European Short Novel 
LIT-390The Bible as Literature 
 Any literature course in the foreign language. 

AMS 227

Any course in the philosophy department
The Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr


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