Course Syllabi & Related Information


Students registered in any alternate format course must access and print their course syllabus and faculty contact information about two weeks prior to the first day of classes.  Most professors require an assignment due for the first class meeting - you must be prepared for the first class.  Attendance and participation in alternate format courses is mandatory.  Students should also log in to Blackboard prior to the start of classes for class information.

Alternate format courses include Online, Weekend, Eight-week alternate evening, and January 3-week Interim Study courses.

Alternate Format Courses Weekend, 8-Week Evening, & Online

AMS 214 TA Amer. Studies Spec. Topics: Reality TV in Amer. Culture8-Week Evening CourseM. Titus (
AMS 304 OL1 Techn. & Science in Amer.   
Online CourseB. Mathew (
BUS 210 OL1 Intro. to Law: Contracts
Online CourseI. Sprotzer (
BUS 300 OL1 Social & Legal Env. of Bus.
Online CourseI. Sprotzer (
BUS 300 TA Social & Legal Env. of Bus.
8-Week Evening CourseS. O’Sullivan-Gavin (
CIS 485 OL1 Managt. Info. Sys.
Online CourseB. Mathew (
COM 104 V1 Speech Commun.Weekend CourseD. Arnold (
COM 105 OL1 Mass Media Commun.
Online CourseC. Vieth (
ECO 201 OL1 Princ. of MicroeconomicsOnline CourseC. McCall (
ECO/HTH 336 OL1 Econ. of Health Care Sys.Online CourseK. Noonan (
ENG 290 Y1 The Short Story
Weekend CourseP. Peters (
ENG 311 OL1 Creative Writing: PlaywritingOnline CourseR. Basham (
FIN 300 OL1 Intro. to Finance
Online CourseA. Drobile (
MAR/GLS 120 X1 Oceanography
Weekend CourseR. Schwimmer (
LAW 395 OL1 Law & Justice Spec. Topics: Terrorism/CounterterrorismOnline CourseJ. Castagnera (
LIB 400 V1 Sem. in Liberal StudiesWeekend CourseM. Morse (
MKT 200 OL1 Marketing Princ.Online CourseJ. Kim (
MKT 370 OL1 Internet MarketingOnline CourseM. Burgess (
MCS 110 X1 Race, Class, & Gender in Amer.Weekend CourseN. Schluter (
PHL 203 X1 Business Ethics
Weekend CourseM. Holowchak (
PHL 303 OL1 Philosophy of LawOnline CourseR. Burgh (
PSY 230 OL1 Child Development
Online CourseA. Law (
PSY 231 WA Youth/Adoles. Psychology
8-Week Evening CourseW. Adlai-Gail (
PSY 240 OL1 Social Psychology
Online CourseW. Heath (
PSY 303 OL1 Research Methods LabOnline CourseE. Scorpio (
PSY 305 Z1 Theories of Psychotherapy
Weekend CourseM. Raggi (
PSY 365 OL1 Drugs & Human BehaviorOnline CourseG. Brosvic (
PSY 375 MA Psychology & Film8-Week Evening CourseA. Thomas-Cottingham (

You should go to Blackboard to obtain your course syllabus.  Most faculty will have an assignment due for your first class.  You must be prepared for class on the first day of the semester-January 23.