The Sport Studies program at Rider University provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to the examination of the multifaceted sports industry.  The minor is designed to broaden and deepen the understanding of complex issues that are reported regularly in the media like, performance enhancing drugs, financing of new facility construction, discrimination, salary levels, labor relations, marketing and promotion, crime, the role of the NCAA, ticket pricing policies, scandals at colleges and universities, among others.

Sport Studies Minor

The Sport Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program available to all Rider students. 

The curriculum has been designed to provide students with courses relevant to the examination of the multi-dimensional world of sports and appreciate the important role of sports in shaping culture.  

Departments and Programs from across the University including American Studies, Communication and Journalism, Legal Studies and Marketing, Sociology, Gender Studies and Economics have developed courses for this program enabling students to study and critically evaluate the social, political, ethical, legal, economic and media related issues in sports. 

The curriculum gives students the opportunity to use the expertise and perspectives from their major to pursue in-depth study of sports related issues. On campus coursework is complemented by hands on internships, experiential learning through international sports related travel courses and presentations from guest speakers employed in a variety of roles in the sports industry.  The experiential component of the minor also helps to give students a greater understanding of sports related employment possibilities as well as preparation for graduate work in sports management and administration programs.

Sport Studies Minor Requirements (18 semester hours)

BUS-250 Introduction to the Business of Sports 3
BUS-444 Senior Seminar in Sports 3
Choice of four additional courses: 12
AMS-211 Sports in American Life  
BUS-491 Internship in Sports  
COM-347 Sports Media Relations  
ECO-326 Economics of Sports  
GND-333 Gender and Sports  
BUS/LAW-355 Sports and the Law  
MKT-280 Sports Marketing  
PSY-283 Sport Psychology