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The marketing major prepares students for a broad array of careers in such fields as sales, retailing, promotion, distribution, customer service, marketing research and others. Possible employment opportunities can be found with profit or nonprofit and public or private organizations marketing goods or services to consumers, businesses or other organizations.

Marketing Major (18 semester hours)

MKT-366 Marketing Research 3
MKT-460 Marketing Management Seminar 3
Four additional courses from the following list are required for the major
ADV-200 Advertising Principles 3
ADV-311 Advertising Copy and Layout 3
ADV-315 Media Planning and Strategy 3
ADV-369 International Advertising 3
ADV-370 Interactive Advertising 3
MKT-250 Retailing Management 3
MKT-260 Services Marketing 3
MKT-280 Sports Marketing 3
MKT-310 Business to Business Marketing 3
MKT-320 Consumer Behavior 3
MKT-330 International Marketing 3
MKT-340 Personal Selling 3
MKT-345 Customer Focus in the Supply Chain 3
MKT-370 Internet Marketing 3
MKT-380 Healthcare Marketing 3
MKT-440 Sales Management 3
MKT-469 Selected Topics in Marketing 3

Students interested in retailing usually choose: MKT-320 Consumer Behavior, 350–Retailing Management, and 440–Sales Management. Students interested in business to business marketing usually choose:

MKT-310 Business to Business Marketing, 340–Personal Selling, and 440–Sales Management.

Students interested in marketing research usually choose: MKT-320 Consumer Behavior and MKT- 366 Marketing Research.

For graduation, students must achieve an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher in the major, with no course grade less than “C-”. Majors are encouraged to take additional marketing and advertising courses to satisfy business and free elective requirements.

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