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Advertising Minor for English Majors (27 semester hours)

CIS 260

COM 212
Business Graphics
Publication Design
MKT 200 Marketing Principles 3
MKT 320 Consumer Behavior 3
ADV 300 Advertising Principles 3
ADV 311 Advertising Copy and Layout 3
ADV 370 Interactive Advertising 3
ADV 435 Advertising Campaigns 3
ENG 321 or ENG 324 Workplace Writing: Business and Professional Contexts or Workplace Writing: Online Contexts 3
Choose one from the following list: 3
ENG 304 Creative Writing: Fiction  
ENG 305 Creative Writing: Nonfiction  
ENG 311 Creative Writing: Playwriting  
ENG 312 Creative Writing: Screen Writing  
ENG 322 Workplace Writing: Grant Proposals, Fundraising, and Development  
ENG 323 Workplace Writing: Reviewing and Publishing  

Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the minor, with no course grade less than “C-”.

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