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Advertising Minor for Communication Majors (30 semester hours)

The College of Business Administration offers a minor in advertising available to communication and journalism majors.

MKT-200 Marketing Principles 3
MKT-320 Consumer Behavior (MKT 200) 3
ADV-200 Advertising Principles (MKT 200) 3
ADV-311 Advertising Copy and Layout (ADV 200 and COM 212; senior standing or POI) 3
ADV-315 Media Planning and Strategy (ADV 200; senior standing or POI) 3
ADV-435 Advertising Campaigns (ADV 311, ADV 315; senior standing or POI) 3
COM-105 Communication, Culture and Media (formerly Mass Media Communication) 3
COM-212 Publication Design 3
COM-240 Public Relations 3
COM-360 Advanced Publication Design (COM 212) 3

Note: Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the minor with no grade lower than a “C”.

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