Jia Shen
Chair, Information Systems and Supply Chain Management
Sweigart Hall 369

Background Information

  • Doctor of Philosophy, 2005, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Information Systems

Refereed Articles

  • Shen, J. (2012). Social Comparison, Social Presence, and Enjoyment in the Acceptance of Social Shopping Websites. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 13 (3), 198-212.
  • Shen, J. & Eder, L. (2011). An Examination of Factors Associated with User Acceptance of Social Shopping Websites. International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction, 7 (1).
Lauren Eder
Sweigart Hall 371

Dr. Lauren Eder is a professor of Information Systems in the Department of Information Systems & Supply Chain Management, and Director of the Center for International Business. She holds a Ph.D. and MBA from Drexel University and a BS from Boston University. Dr. Eder teaches graduate and undergraduate business courses including information systems for supply chain management, data mining, electronic commerce, and management information systems, as well as the EMBA international seminar and other international business study tour courses.

William Amadio
Associate Professor
Sweigart Hall 368

Bill Amadio teaches business intelligence and other data-driven technologies for management practice. He is currently interested in applications for the healthcare sector and social media.  Past projects include work in forensics, investment banking, manufacturing and insurance.  Hands-on group projects are an important part of Dr. Amadio's teaching. "Complex decision-making requires a robust understanding of theory and concepts. I believe the best way to achieve that understanding is to work on realistic, concrete projects in a collaborative environment."

Biju Mathew
Associate Professor
Sweigart Hall 375

Background Information

  • Doctor of Philosophy, 1994, University of Pittsburgh, Information Systems, Organizational Change
  • Postgraduate diploma in Industrial Relations, 1986, XLRI, Janshedpur, India, Information Systems
  • Bachelor’s of Arts, 1984, Nizam college, Hyderabad, India, Economics, Statistics

Refereed Articles

  • Mathew, B. (2014).  The Neoliberal Firm and Nested Subsumption: Labor Process Transformations in the NYC Taxi Industry.   Urban Studies, Online, 25 pages.
J. Drew Procaccino
Associate Professor
Sweigart Hall 315

Research Interests

Biometrics; smart-card technology; information-seeking behavior; software project management; identity theft

Teaching Interests

Database design; presentation and business graphics; computer-interface design; office productivity software; data visualization

Arthur Taylor
Associate Professor
Sweigart Hall 305

Background Information

  • Doctor of Philosophy, 2010, Rutgers University, Information Science
  • Master of Science, 1990, George Mason University, Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Arts, 1981, University of South Florida, Finance

Refereed Articles

  • Taylor, A. R. (2014). Postmodernist and Consumerist Influences on Information Consumption. Kybernetes, 43 (6), 924 - 934.
Carol Johnson
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sweigart Hall 307