Rider's Five-Star Business Program

A 5-star rating is universally recognized as one that’s superior and exceptional in quality. Rider’s 5-Star Business Program focuses on achieving exceptional quality for you.

Meeting the Demands of Business Tomorrow
We know that in today’s fast-changing global economy, traditional business careers are disappearing — and exciting new ones are emerging every day. Our new undergraduate business curriculum reflects the latest ideas and input from regional, national and international business leaders.  It will give you the educational foundation and professional skills you need to thrive in an environment of change — and the self-knowledge and confidence to achieve your goals.

The Cornerstones of Rider's 5-Star Business Program

1 Professional Development

Great careers don’t just happen: they’re shaped by careful planning and driven by personal goals. Starting in the freshman year, you will explore your professional interests and actively design your careers.

You’ll take three new one-credit classes — Career Planning & Perspectives I, II and III — that will help you define your goals, explore professional opportunities, understand work/life balance and develop your job search skills.

Once these courses are completed, you’ll put your career concepts into action through internships, and cooperative and service-learning experiences. And, you’ll receive personal coaching from faculty mentors and expert guidance from specialists in Rider’s Office of Career Services. 
 2 Cultivating a Global Perspective
  Virtually every business enterprise today has a global component. As a student in Rider’s 5-Star Business Program, you’ll complete at least two 3-credit courses that will advance your global and cultural perspectives. For example, you might take a language or participate in an international study abroad experience. You’ll also take at least two elective courses in international business. 
 3 Understanding Business by the Numbers

There's one language that is truly universal in every field of business — the language of numbers. While it’s true that most business careers don’t require a mastery of mathematics and statistics, as a business professional you must understand how numbers are used and applied in business to support business goals. In Rider’s 5-Star Business Program, you’ll develop your numerical literacy through three required courses in quantitative and statistical methods.

 4 Effective Business Communication
  Business leaders rank the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively as a critical skill for business success. Through Rider’s 5-Star Business Program, you will develop the essential writing and speaking skills needed to communicate effectively as a business professional — from coherently structuring and writing complex, data-driven reports to confidently presenting new ideas to your colleagues and supervisors in compelling and visual ways. 
 5 Preparing Business Leaders
  Business professionals must know when to lead — and how to follow. One of the hallmarks of Rider’s renowned business program is its wide range of leadership development opportunities. Our 5-Star Business Program will give you rich opportunities to understand the fundamentals of both leadership and teamwork, develop your personal leadership style, and explore ways to actively practice and refine individual leadership skills. 
  To learn more about the 5-Star Business program at Rider University, contact the Office of Admission at 609-896-5042. AACSB Accredited | The Princeton Review Best 294 Business Schools