Anne Carroll
Professor and Chairperson
Sweigart Hall 255

Areas of Expertise

Health insurance/managed care; insurance market regulations; worker's compensation insurance

Background Information

  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania, Insurance, Health-Care Economics
  • Master of Arts, 1986, University of Pennsylvania, Insurance
  • Bachelor’s of Science, 1982, Miami University, Finance



Chih-Chieh Chiu
Associate Professor of Finance
Sweigart Hall 262

Background Information

  • Doctor of Philosophy, 2009, Baruch College, City University of New York, Earnings Quality and Corporate Investment
  • Master of Business Administration, 2003, Columbia University, Finance
  • Bachelor of Science, 1997, University of Witwatersrand, Civil Engineering

Refereed Articles

  • Ratner, M. & Chiu, C. (2015). Hedging Characteristics of Commodity Investment in the Emerging Markets. Global Economy and Finance Journal, 8 (2), 1-13.
Feng-Ying Liu
Sweigart Hall 261

Areas of Expertise

Corporate treasury/cash management; corporate restructuring; security issuance; dividend policy and insider trading

Background Information

  • Doctor of Philosophy, 1988, Drexel University, Finance, Econometrics
  • Master of Business Administration, 1983, Drexel University, Accounting

Presentation of Refereed Papers


David Suk
Associate Professor
Sweigart Hall 247

David Suk teaches a variety of graduate Finance courses including Corporate Finance, Corporate Performance Evaluation, Applied Corporate Finance, and Financial Modeling. In his courses, Dr. Suk brings real world finance cases into the classroom. He was a recipient of the Inaugural Rider Way Awards in 2012 for his exemplary academic and professional accomplishments as well as leadership and service within the Graduate Business program. Dr. Suk has written many articles of interest for practitioners of finance.