This major is intended for those who anticipate

  • starting their own business;
  • joining a family business;
  • working for a small company;
  • develop entrepreneurial thinking.

Entrepreneurial Studies Major (18 semester hours)

Required Courses
ENT-348 Small Business Management 3
ENT-335 Small Business Tax Planning* 3
Three of the following
ENT/FIN-350 Entrepreneurial Finance 3
MKT-250 Retailing Management 3
ENT-210 Sports Entrepreneurship 3
ENT-260 Family Business Management 3
BUS-210 Contracts 3

User-Centered Design
Electronic Commerce



Introduction to Human Resource Management
Management Skills
ENT-375 International Entrepreneurship 3
ENT-420 Student Venture Experience 3
ENT-444 Special Topics in Entrepreneurial Studies 3
ENT-448 Seminar in Small Business Consulting 3
ENT-490 Independent Study 3
One integrative experiential course
ENT-410 New Venture Planning 3

*Accounting majors double majoring in Entrepreneurial Studies may substitute AC-410 Fundamentals of Federal Taxation for the ENT-335 requirement.

For graduation, students must achieve an overall 2.0 GPA in the major, with no course grade less than “C-”.

Students are also encouraged to take ENT-491 Entrepreneurial Studies Internship as a business or free elective.

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