The ES concentration is an option for any business student desiring to focus on starting a new venture, or working in a small or family firm environment. The concentration must be taken with another major in the College of Business Administration.

The ES concentration requires four business courses as outlined below (courses to be counted as either major, business or free electives):

Entrepreneurial Studies Concentration

ENT-348 Small Business Management 3
ENT-410 New Venture Planning 3
Two of the following
ENT-448 Seminar in Small Business Consulting 3
BUS-210 Contracts 3

User-Centered Design
MGT 310

MGT 363
Introduction to HR
Management Skills
ENT-335 Small Business Tax Planning* 3
MKT-250 Retailing Management 3
ENT/FIN-350 Entrepreneurial Finance 3
ENT-210 Sports Entrepreneurship 3
ENT-260 Family Business Management 3
ENT-375 International Entrepreneurship 3
ENT-420 Student Venture Experience 3
ENT-444 Special Topics 3
ENT-490 Independent Study 3

*Accounting majors can substitute ACC-410 Fundamentals of Federal Taxation for ENT-335.

Students must achieve an overall 2.0 GPA in the concentration, with no course grade less than “C-”.

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