Business Subjects - Core Curriculum - CBA Undergraduate Degrees (51 semester hours)

ACC-210 Introduction to Accounting 3
ACC-220 Managerial Uses of Accounting 3
FIN-300 Introduction to Finance 3
MGT-201 Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior 3
MKT-200 Marketing Principles 3
MSD-340 Production and Operations 3
BUS-300 Social and Legal Environment of Business 3
CIS-485 Management Information Systems 3
BUS-400 Strategic Management and Policy 3
  + Major Requirements 18*
  + Electives 6

*Accounting majors take eight major courses and one business elective. Computer Information Systems majors taken seven major courses. Global Supply Chain Management majors take seven major courses in addition to GSC-115 and GSC-399 as business electives.

†Must include one international business elective, if not taken as part of major.

#Students can take GSC-485 to satisfy this requirement.