Rider University’s College of Business Administration (CBA) requires the purchase of a laptop for ALL ACCOUNTING & IS MAJORS (both incoming freshmen and transfer students). All other CBA students are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to purchase a laptop, but not required.

Learn more about minimum technical standards and available software

Research shows that America’s youth are stimulated and succeed more from using laptops in classrooms and by having access to these resources from anywhere.

This tool will truly aid students as they prepare to be competitive workers with a future employer, where using a laptop is not optional but rather a necessity. Beyond the incorporation of classroom lessons that are more practical and useful to a student’s future, students gain a richer appreciation and understanding of the curriculum by becoming more involved in the classroom; professors can structure lessons around activities that will engage students by utilizing the laptops. When students graduate and begin to work, they will have learned to integrate computers into their lives and will be capable of judging which programs would be the most efficient in a particular situation based on their Rider exposure to laptops.

For general information contact the CBA Dean’s Office:
(609) 896-5152
Sweigart Hall, Room 217

For technical information, contact Rider’s Help Desk:
(609) 219-3000
Circulation desk at Moore Library